Best Portable Breast Pumps to Pump on the Go

Enjoy the independence of pumping on the go with our top portable breast pumps of 2023. Convenient, quiet, and effective– making nursing a breeze!

Motherhood is a journey full of joy, excitement, and new tasks everyday. As a breastfeeding mom, you try your best to provide for your little one– even on the go. But let’s face it, it is a challenge to find the privacy and time to pump, especially when you’re on the move. Well, worry not– portable breast pumps will become your savior by revolutionizing breastfeeding experiences, without compromising on privacy or efficacy. With the finest portable breast pumps of 2023, you can pump anytime and anywhere. They are the ideal nursing partner for anybody who has a demanding job, travels frequently, or just loves flexibility.

We have curated a list of the top portable breast pumps–plus, we have also included a comprehensive buying guide to help you navigate your purchase. These cutting-edge gadgets were created with your requirements in mind and are small, light, and simple to operate. Say good-bye to clunky, inconvenient pumps and welcome to discrete, effective mobile pumping!

Detailing the Top Portable Breast Pumps of 2023

1. MomCozy Portable Breast Pump – Best Overall

The MomCozy hands-free breast pump is the top choice on our list by bringing mobility, comfort, and functionality with its exceptional features and ease of use. The double wireless pump is made from suction-sealed materials to prevent any spills and give mothers the “barely-there” fit to ensure they don’t feel uneasy. With its lightweight and wireless design, you can freely move about your daily routine– this quiet unit is also small in size to fit inside your bra easily.

It provides additional convenience by being wireless, so you won’t have to look for outlets or plus for the unit to work.  With its cozy double-sealed flange, the pump offers a safe and comfortable fit that improves the pumping experience. This portable breast pump has three up-to-date modes; stimulation, expression, and mixed. These modes work together to mimic the natural way of your little one’s feeding. The 9 level suction design provides further flexibility– you can customize the settings for the pump to work according to your preferences and milk flow.

Its smart display gives you up-to-the-minute details on the pumping session to help you stay informed and in charge, plus the added pause one-click function allows you to pause at any given instance. Most mothers can be accommodated by the 24mm flange size, which eliminates the need for extra equipment.


  • Made of BPA-free food grade silicon
  • Great for multitasking
  • Light and comfortable in weight


  • Suction might be painful for some users

2. haakaa Portable Breast Pump – Hassle-free Operation

The haakaa portable breast pump is the ultimate partner for all breastfeeding mothers who are constantly on the go. This best-selling manual breast pump makes pumping a breeze for you with the natural power of its suction. Just squeeze the pump and attach it to your breast and let it do its thing. This pump is easy to use with its hassle-free operation and washable design– simply boil the pump in water for 2 to 3 minutes and you’re good to go!

This breast pump is super light in weight and portable, it can fit inside your bra completely and discreetly. Whether you’re traveling or completing your daily tasks– nothing will come in between your pumping sessions. There are no cables, no noise, and no complex setup procedures. Because of its large capacity, you can collect enough breast milk without having to empty it frequently.

Made from super soft silicone– this breast pump will fit snugly without causing you any pain or discomfort. It is also gentle on sensitive skin. This 4oz/100ml miracle provides a simple and effective pumping experience. Also, you can simply maintain tabs on your milk output thanks to the obvious measuring marks. This portable breast pump is a game-changer, offering convenience, comfort, and effectiveness for your nursing experience whether you’re a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent.


  • Catches let down efficiently
  • Doesn’t hurt and easy to use
  • Works very quickly


  • Might not be very steady

3. Medela Portable Breast Pump – Best Innovative Design

The Medela manual breast pump is a convenient and efficient milk pumper. This innovative breast pump is portable, lightweight, and discreet. It can fight inside your handbag easily so you can take it with you wherever you go for a simple pumping experience. It employs the flex technology with a unique 105 degree angle and a soft edge for comfort and ease. The Flex Shields conform to the specific contour of your breasts, offering a snug fit and mild stimulation, which lessens pain during pumping sessions.

The oval shaped pump offers great fitting to help you express more milk in less time, giving you a plentiful supply for your infant. With its research-based technology, this manual breast pump uses 2-phase tech and copies a baby’s behavior. You can effortlessly use the pump with only one hand thanks to its ergonomic grip, making for a hassle-free and practical experience. This breast pump’s revolutionary technology helps you to express more milk in less time, giving you a plentiful supply for your infant. You can effortlessly use the pump with only one hand thanks to its ergonomic grip, making for a hassle-free and practical experience.

The portable breast pump is easy to clean and includes all parts needed for its efficient operation. With this breast pump, you may enjoy the satisfaction of effective and pleasant milk expression and transform your nursing experience into something genuinely rewarding.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Provides a good output
  • Comfortable and leak proof


  • Suction isn’t strong enough

4. BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump – Most Efficient Technology

Experience pumping satisfaction with BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump. This compact device is portable and provides unmatched flexibility– so you can pump milk at any time or place. With a lightweight design that leaves behind all bulky breast pumps, this BPA-free unit is small and can be hung around your neck using the included lanyard.

It uses an extremely quiet mechanism to provide you with a silent session, so you won’t have to worry about your infant waking up due to the noise. This breast pump has a closed system to make sure the milk doesn’t flow in the backward direction. You can effortlessly adjust the suction to meet your comfort and milk flow with 15 levels of control. Without the use of wires or outlets, the battery-powered electric design offers hassle-free operation.

Thanks to its inventive design, which enables you to discreetly pump while multitasking or relaxing, you may enjoy the flexibility of going hands-free. Regardless of whether you like single or double pumping, this pump can meet your requirements and adjust to your personal tastes. The pumping procedure is made simpler by the universal components that make it compatible with most common breast milk storage bottles.


  • Easy to attach the cups
  • Hands-free, wearable design
  • Convenient and effective design


  • Might cause nipple damage or pain

5. TSRETE Portable Breast Pump – Best Hands-Free Pump

The TSRETE portable breast pump is the ultimate solution with its hand-free design. This double wearable breast pump is light, easy to grip, and has no tube. Plus, this breast pump is USB rechargeable, adding onto its convenience. Once the unit gets fully charged– you can go for 3 to 5 sessions before plugging it in again. This convenient pump can hold up to 180 ml or 6 oz of milk.

You may adapt the pumping experience to your comfort and requirements with the two modes and nine customizable suction settings. It is simple to keep track of your pumping sessions and reproduce your favorite settings thanks to the LCD display and memory feature. The sleek pink design adds a bit of flair to your pumping routine, and the 27mm flange guarantees a comfortable fit for the majority of breast sizes.

Plus, this breast pump is made of food-grade materials, ensuring it is safe to use for you and your baby. It is easy to clean and store. It protects your milk from leaking and infections or contamination. The whisper-quiet functioning of this breast pump is one of its best qualities. It guarantees that your baby may comfortably feed and sleep without any interruptions by emitting sound at a volume lower than 40 dB.


  • Super easy to use
  • Arrives in perfect condition
  • Charging takes only an hour


  • Difficult to see nipple placement

Portable Breast Pumps: A Buyer’s Guide

Breastfeeding is a lovely and crucial aspect of parenting, but it may be difficult at times, especially if you’re often on the move. That’s where portable breast pumps come in, providing nursing women with convenience, flexibility, and independence. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over the many types of portable breast pumps, the aspects to consider before purchasing one, and some extra features that can improve your pumping experience.

Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Breast Pumps

Suction strength

Look for a breast pump that provides changeable suction levels and pumping modes so that you can choose settings according to your ease and milk flow. Some breast pumps have customizable settings to copy your baby’s patterns.

Portability and convenience

A portable breast pump must be compact, lightweight, easy to store, clean, and assemble.. Consider these features while selecting a breast pump for yourself. It should be able to fit snugly inside your handbag.

Battery life

If you’re looking for an electric or wearable breast pump, make sure to check its battery life. Consider getting a model with a durable battery so that it can last through multiple sessions without the need of recharging.

Hygiene and cleaning

Make sure the pump parts are simple to clean and dishwasher safe. Some pumps have fewer components and are thus easier to disinfect, but others may need more disassembly and cleaning.

Noise level

Consider the noise level of the pump if discretion is essential to you. Look for versions that run quietly, allowing you to pump without calling attention to yourself or upsetting your baby.

Types of Portable Breast Pumps

Electric portable breast pumps

These pumps use a motor and may be hooked into a wall outlet or operated on rechargeable batteries. They include variable suction levels and pumping modes to simulate a baby’s natural feeding habit. Electric pumps are more efficient and time-saving in general.

Manual portable breast pumps

Because manual pumps are handled by hand, they are ideal for occasional usage or when you do not have access to power. They are small, light, and silent, making them unobtrusive and simple to transport. They do, however, need more effort and time than electric pumps.

Wearable portable breast pumps

These unique pumps are meant to be worn within a bra or linked to the breast directly. They provide hands-free pumping, letting you go about your everyday routine while expressing milk. Wearable pumps are often battery-powered and run quietly, giving convenience and secrecy.

Additional Features to Enhance Your Pumping Experience

LCD display

A built-in LCD display may give you useful information about your pumping sessions, such as suction level, pumping time, and battery life.

Memory function

Some pumps come with a memory feature that keeps track of your chosen settings, making it simpler to start pumping right away without having to change the settings each time.

Massage modes

Some breast pumps have massage modes that replicate a baby’s natural feeding rhythm while stimulating milk flow and easing pain.

People Also Asked

Are portable breast pumps as effective as traditional breast pumps?

Yes, portable breast pumps have the potential to be equally as efficient as conventional ones. They have adjustable suction settings and are made to efficiently express milk while imitating a baby’s feeding habit. However, it’s crucial to pick a premium portable pump that meets your demands and has received good customer feedback.

How long do the batteries of portable breast pumps last?

Depending on the type and use, portable breast pumps might have a different battery life. While some pumps can function for a number of pumping sessions before needing to be recharged, some might need to be charged more frequently. To gain a sense of the pump’s battery life and make plans appropriately, it is important to review its specs.

Can I use a portable breast pump while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can use a hand-held breast pump while nursing. It can aid in milk storage, engorgement relief, or milk supply maintenance. Even better, some hand-free portable pumps let you pump on one breast while nursing your child on the other.

Are portable breast pumps noisy?

Portable breast pumps are made to run silently, particularly the wearable and electric ones, portable breast pumps are made to run silently. They ensure a discrete and tranquil pumping experience by producing low noise levels, often around 40 dB. But before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to read reviews or listen to a particular pump’s noise level.

Can I use portable breast pumps for exclusive pumping?

Yes, only pumping can be done with portable breast pumps. Many moms express their milk effectively using handheld pumps as their main method. It’s crucial to pick a portable pump that has adequate suction power and adjustable settings for your pumping requirements because portable pumps may have smaller motors or fewer sophisticated features than bigger hospital-grade pumps.

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